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Alternatives To Hiring A Campervan From Britz

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by Tim Ahern

If you’re looking to hire a campervan or motorhome in Australia, then you can guarantee in your search you will come across the company Britz. However, before your commit to hiring anything from them, great as they are, you should at least consider some of the 60 alternative companies. Below you can find out about some other well known, and not so well known alternatives.

Clearly the biggest player in the Australian motorhome hire market is the company Britz. Through their own brand of vehicles as well as the extended family brands of Kea Campers, Maui and Mighty Campers, they have more vehicles than anyone else. The biggest competitor to this would have to be the Apollo brand of campers. The Apollo family consists of Apollo, Cheapa Campa and Hippy Campers. Each one is positioned to go up against Britz in each market segment of superior, mid-range and budget respectively. In any research in to campervan hire in Australia, the Apollo range should be looked at as a key alternative.

If you are researching the budget camper market you will inevitably find the aforementioned Hippy and Mighty campers, however, you are also likely to come across Wicked Campers too. Wicked are a leading force in the budget campervan hire market world wide and Australia is no exception. They have a reputation of being unreliable, breaking down a lot and not really helping out in these situations. However at the same time they have grown to a mammoth company with depots world wide and a massive Facebook following, so enough travellers must be happy with them to warrant this kind of expansion and love. If you are a bit worried about this reputation, then try looking at Travellers Autobarn and Awesome Campers as alternatives. Travellers Autobarn has been around since 1993 and over the last few years has been winning a plethora of awards for their service (as voted by users). Awesome has been expanding rapidly over the last couple of years suggesting that they are doing a lot of things right by their customers.

But Britz itself really is aimed at the middle to upper price range of campervans. So what are some alternatives in this range? Well, staying clear of the aforementioned camper companies that are owned by Britz and Apollo, one mentionable alternative is Around Australia Motorhomes.This company is going for the luxury motorhome market and definitely making their mark. No skimping with this crowd, their fleet consists mainly of top-end Winnebagos for the clientele that want space and luxury on their travel. If this is you, then definitely get a price from them before booking anywhere else. Independently owned, they pride themselves on client satisfaction and are a small enough company to care what the end user thinks.

There is also a mid priced company worth mentioning called Energi Motorhomes. It is not heavily promoted but users appear to be happy with them. They don’t have a huge marketing budget it seems, so they don’t pop up early in search results but they if you can find a price comparison site that represents them, then take note. The vehicles they supply are quite modern and the prices seem quite good – but no so cheap they are unbelievable, which is a good thing. Anyway, if you do a search on a website and they don’t turn up in the results, keep looking until you find a site that represents these guys and give them some serious thought before booking.

Additionally, in the mid range price market, keep an eye out for Camperman Campervans. Recently they have been becoming a major player in a market that is full of also-rans. They have been one of the fastest growing companies in the mid to upper price range offering new vehicles that fit nicely in to the market. Whilst they are definitely pushing their new vehicles, they are still holding on the older vehicles that they had when they were smaller. With these older vechiles they can still tap in to the cheaper end of mid range market too. They have bases up the whole length of the east coast of Australia and so they offer quite an alternative to Britz and the other major players that are in this market segment.

So, if you are looking for a cheap campervan, and mid range motorhome or a luxury RV, there are definitely alternatives available to the dominant Britz range. I have only covered a handful here. If hiring from Sydney, the largest Australian city, there are over 30 companies that have depots available to you. Make sure when researching for which company to hire from, you look for a website that gives at least 20 different companies in the results for your search criteria.

If you are still keen to research Britz Campervans Australia then there is plenty of info about them. And if you are looking for a site with great quote comparisons then take a look here.