7 Topmost Attractions to Explore in Darwin

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Are you worn-out from the everyday hustle and bustle? Do you want to escape into a world where you can sooth your soul with rejuvenating and awe-inspiring tourist attractions? If so, Darwin is just the place for you! Heaven for fun lovers, Darwin surely lives up to the anticipations of all and sundry and grabs the interest of every visitor with its mesmerising sites and thrilling attractions. It comes on the top of the list of most idyllic tourist spots for those who seek peace and leisure. If you wish to hang out with your spouse, family or friends for an unforgettable trip, Darwin will not disappoint you.

Attractions to Explore in Darwin

Let us unveil some of the major jewels serving as tourist attractions in Darwin…

The Museum and Art Gallery of Darwin

Abode of innumerable unique and magnificent exhibits, this art gallery cum museum is positioned in a plush tropical orchard. One of the displays is terrifying rebuilding of penetrating Cyclone Tracey that destroyed the city back. A number of other topnotch exhibits consist of several art pieces associated with the ocean along with some artworks from the Aborigines. Find out more with this link

Aviation Heritage Center

The great heritage center boasts ample aviation related mementos in conjunction with some artefacts. Don’t forget to see a B-52 bomber. Only two of these are presently found or displayed outside the US. Several military aircraft are additional objects on exhibition at the center.

Marine Park Darwin

Indo-Pacific Marine

Indo-Pacific Marine lures thousands of holidaymakers with displays of real living coral reefs in addition to an extensive array of inimitable aquatic species including sharks and fish. The place where the exhibition is positioned is currently being renovated to entice more and more visitors.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

The fabulous coastline offers great views for relaxation, recreation and of course food. Even prior to when the sun starts setting, the locals and holidaymakers who head for Darwin begin to assemble at this beach market, taking along their tables, chairs and blankets to take pleasure in the soothing evening. If lip-smacking dining is what you look for, options are endless including Thai, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Greek. Some live entertainment is also available to make your evening even more enchanting.
Find out more about the Mindil Markets here

Crocodiles Darwin

Darwin Crocodile Farm

If you want to see a real crocodile, you really don’t need to go outside of Darwin. This farm is home to over 35,000 crocodiles ranging from adult males to new hatchlings of both saltwater and freshwater. Here you can also avail yourself of the opportunity to see how crocodiles are fed. Not only this, the attraction incorporates picnic areas and gardens as well. In addition, a lot of day tours are available for tourists. Check out more info here.

Howard Springs

It is a swimming area surrounded by flourishing woods and is an excellent spot to enjoy a rejuvenating swim as well as to chill out. The place enchants lots of visitors and may be a little crowded during weekends. A perfect spot for an excursion, it enthrals travellers with different species of fish, docile wallabies and turtles.

BIG4 Tourist Park, Howard Springs

If you are travelling in a campervan, then this is the place you want to stay in Darwin for a night or 2. It is one of the topmost family parks of the city. The reasons are many and varied, one of which is the tranquil location spread in the area of more than fifteen acres. Delight in three spas, three salt water pools, squash courts, sauna and games rooms. Apart from these, enjoy scores of daily activities. This all is so appealing that you will not have to venture anywhere else, but if you wish to, myriads of other attractions are there within reach. In the course of May to September, you can enjoy additional night amusement and so much of fun. It will certainly be an unforgettable outback adventure. If you are looking for companies to rent a campervan from, they looking at this website – who have a list of all 2wd campervan hire companies in Darwin. Or you can check out the 4wd section if you are looking for a 4wd campervan.

Undoubtedly, the exciting journey to Darwin brings many moments of recollection which will cherish in your heart forever. Everyone adores the charm of Darwin whether it is to come face-to-face with Australia’s diverse wildlife or go behind-the-scenes at an art gallery. The spark and fervor of the city tempts countless tourists to pay a visit to this part of the world. The sparkling destination has an almost endless variety of attractions to entertain visitors of all ages and offers plenty of places outside of town to visit – whether it be quite local or all the way to Kakadu or Litchfield National Parks.

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written by: Shuchi25