Why Sydney Is The Best Place In Australia To Hire A Campervan

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by Tim Ahern

If you’re considering campervan hire in Australia, then the most obvious place to pick it up or drop it off has to be Sydney. There are numerous reasons why you want to rent your camper and Sydney and I’m here just to let you know the most basic of these reasons.

Firstly, Sydney is Australia’s biggest city. With around 5 million people in greater Sydney there is plentiful supply of all things, and campervan hire companies are one of them. Sydney is also centrally located on the east coast. From here is it approximately 1000km to Melbourne and Brisbane, approximately 1400km to Adelaide and only 290km to Canberra – the nation’s capital. No other city in Australia has this kind of central proximity to so many other cities of interest.

Sydney is also the major arrival port for Australia. More passengers come through Sydney airport than any other in the country, so it is likely that you are going to arrive or leave through this city anyway. From Sydney you can also catch any form of public transport to any other part of the country.

With the plethora of transport choices that such a large city offers, why would you want to hire a campervan when there are so many other options? Well, the answer lies in the public transport options outside of Sydney and the ease and control that a campervan can give you. Once you get out of the major cities public transport options become fairly limited by world standards. This is brought on by the massive size of the country, the small population for that size and wealth of the nation that allows most people to own their own car, hence not needing public transport. Once you get out of the major cities, and in particular if you want to get off the national highway, then getting public transport becomes quite painful.

Palm Beach, SydneyThere are also an number of things to do in Sydney that are on the outskirts of the city. To the north is Palm Beach, the central coast and the Hunter Valley. To the west the Blue Mountains and to the south, Cronulla and the Royal National Park. All of these can be reached significantly easier in your own vehicle that you can then spend the night in whilst you are there. Getting to and from all these areas will take hours on public transport in both diretions.

Not everyone wants to sleep the night in a vehicle, but having the ability to drive to any location will massively expand the sites you can visit whilst in Australia. Sydney, with more campervan hire company depots than any other city, is certainly the place you want to look in to picking up a vehicle from. And keep this in mind whilst you are doing your campervan research – there are over 30 companies with depots in Sydney. Many campervan hire webistes will only show you results for the top 5 companies. Some will show you results for around 10 companies. Make sure when you research your campervan that the website you are researching on shows at least 20 different companies that can supply you with a camper for the dates you need. Otherwise you are likely to be paying more than you need to.

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