Campervan Hire In Australia Vs Buying A Car

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Campervan Rental Australia

by Tim Ahern

So you’re not sure if you want to rent a campervan whilst you travel in Australia or maybe buy a car. Well here is some more information to help make the decision.

The longer you hire a campervan, the cheaper the daily rate gets in most cases so there is a distinct advantage to long term hire. Every rental company will also give you roadside assistance coverage to help with breakdowns if they occur. There are no issues about picking up a campervan in one city and dropping it off in another one and in most cases if you are not happy with the campervan you have, then you can exchange it.

Be aware though, when renting there can be hidden costs so make sure you read all the contract details carefully. Also keep in mind that all camper hire companies will charge a security deposit, some take this off your credit card at the time of charging it and hold on to it for the length of the rental, this money, therefore, will not be available for you to spend whilst you are traveling in the campervan.

Purchasing a car, on the other hand, can pose just as many problems as hiring. Firstly your money is tied up in the vehicle. Secondly, if you buy a lemon you can end up with nothing – wasting the money you used to buy it. Additionally, most states in Australia require roadworthy certificates to be done upon annual registration and some when the vehicle changes hand. If the registration runs out whilst you are driving it you will be up the registration costs of around $600 as well as any repair work to get the roadworthy certificate. If you buy from other backpackers you can almost guarantee they have not spent a cent more than absolutely necessary on maintaining vehicle, and like a hot potato, it just gets passed around from traveller to traveller. Eventually the long kilometers and lack of maintenance will cause a breakdown and if this occurs 300km from anywhere you will find yourself in a lot of bother. You will want to plan in advance on whether to spend money on roadside assistance for the car or just get it towed when it dies – towing is expensive.

It is also quite obvious that the closer you get to your leaving date, the less money anyone will give you for the car – another chance that you will get nothing back for it if you can’t sell before leaving.

Look, at the end of the day, campervan hire in Australia can be tailored to fit nearly any budget. In addition to this, it can offer piece-of-mind knowing the price of the journey is already known before you leave the depot and that you will have roadside assistance for the whole journey.

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