7 Topmost Attractions to Explore in Darwin

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Are you worn-out from the everyday hustle and bustle? Do you want to escape into a world where you can sooth your soul with rejuvenating and awe-inspiring tourist attractions? If so, Darwin is just the place for you! Heaven for fun lovers, Darwin surely lives up to the anticipations of all and sundry and grabs the interest of every visitor with its mesmerising sites and thrilling attractions. It comes on the top of the list of most idyllic tourist spots for those who seek peace and leisure. If you wish to hang out with your spouse, family or friends for an unforgettable trip, Darwin will not disappoint you.

Attractions to Explore in Darwin

Let us unveil some of the major jewels serving as tourist attractions in Darwin…

The Museum and Art Gallery of Darwin

Abode of innumerable unique and magnificent exhibits, this art gallery cum museum is positioned in a plush tropical orchard. One of the displays is terrifying rebuilding of penetrating Cyclone Tracey that destroyed the city back. A number of other topnotch exhibits consist of several art pieces associated with the ocean along with some artworks from the Aborigines. Find out more with this link

Aviation Heritage Center

The great heritage center boasts ample aviation related mementos in conjunction with some artefacts. Don’t forget to see a B-52 bomber. Only two of these are presently found or displayed outside the US. Several military aircraft are additional objects on exhibition at the center.

Marine Park Darwin

Indo-Pacific Marine

Indo-Pacific Marine lures thousands of holidaymakers with displays of real living coral reefs in addition to an extensive array of inimitable aquatic species including sharks and fish. The place where the exhibition is positioned is currently being renovated to entice more and more visitors.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

The fabulous coastline offers great views for relaxation, recreation and of course food. Even prior to when the sun starts setting, the locals and holidaymakers who head for Darwin begin to assemble at this beach market, taking along their tables, chairs and blankets to take pleasure in the soothing evening. If lip-smacking dining is what you look for, options are endless including Thai, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Greek. Some live entertainment is also available to make your evening even more enchanting.
Find out more about the Mindil Markets here

Crocodiles Darwin

Darwin Crocodile Farm

If you want to see a real crocodile, you really don’t need to go outside of Darwin. This farm is home to over 35,000 crocodiles ranging from adult males to new hatchlings of both saltwater and freshwater. Here you can also avail yourself of the opportunity to see how crocodiles are fed. Not only this, the attraction incorporates picnic areas and gardens as well. In addition, a lot of day tours are available for tourists. Check out more info here.

Howard Springs

It is a swimming area surrounded by flourishing woods and is an excellent spot to enjoy a rejuvenating swim as well as to chill out. The place enchants lots of visitors and may be a little crowded during weekends. A perfect spot for an excursion, it enthrals travellers with different species of fish, docile wallabies and turtles.

BIG4 Tourist Park, Howard Springs

If you are travelling in a campervan, then this is the place you want to stay in Darwin for a night or 2. It is one of the topmost family parks of the city. The reasons are many and varied, one of which is the tranquil location spread in the area of more than fifteen acres. Delight in three spas, three salt water pools, squash courts, sauna and games rooms. Apart from these, enjoy scores of daily activities. This all is so appealing that you will not have to venture anywhere else, but if you wish to, myriads of other attractions are there within reach. In the course of May to September, you can enjoy additional night amusement and so much of fun. It will certainly be an unforgettable outback adventure. If you are looking for companies to rent a campervan from, they looking at this website – who have a list of all 2wd campervan hire companies in Darwin. Or you can check out the 4wd section if you are looking for a 4wd campervan.

Undoubtedly, the exciting journey to Darwin brings many moments of recollection which will cherish in your heart forever. Everyone adores the charm of Darwin whether it is to come face-to-face with Australia’s diverse wildlife or go behind-the-scenes at an art gallery. The spark and fervor of the city tempts countless tourists to pay a visit to this part of the world. The sparkling destination has an almost endless variety of attractions to entertain visitors of all ages and offers plenty of places outside of town to visit – whether it be quite local or all the way to Kakadu or Litchfield National Parks.

The best way to travel Australia, and especially Darwin, is to hire a 4WD campervan. Just pick it up, and get driving. Personally, I think you should hire from Britz, but Apollo and Cheapa Campa also have great 4wd campervan offerings. If you are looking for a list of campervan hire companies you can go here to read more. Hiring a 4WD campervan facilitates you with the joy to travel at your own pace up any road in the country. Visit Darwin, pick up your camper van and head out to the great outback. You won’t regret it.

written by: Shuchi25

No Adventure In The World Can Beat A 4WD In The Australian Outback

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by Martin Crowe

Campervan hire darwin, AustraliaThe Northern Territory is the central northern state of Australia and is famous for marvelous outback journeys. Frequently known as the Never-Never by the customary owners on account of it’s timelessness and mythical stories, the Northern Territory delivers more adventure than almost all of Australia’s states and the opportunity to get truly lost in the beauty and ruggedness of what is the quintessential “Australian Outback”.

The best way to travel this vast red, green and sapphire land is with a vehicle of your own rented in Darwin or Alice Springs – the 2 leading cities. There is only 1 thing to bear in mind if driving in the Northern Territory, Western Australia or anyplace in the outback: if you want to be leaving the black tar, you have to be in a 4wd!

Where is Darwin.

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory, and is the biggest in the state. It is situated on the central north coast of Australia on the Timor Sea and is found between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Equator.

About Darwin.

Darwin is the gateway to the outback of Australia – the rugged, beautiful, red, green and blue lands that have made Australia celebrated the world over. From Darwin you get quick access to a number of Australia’s most iconic landmarks. Kakadu National Park – the world heritage listed park lands, Litchfield National park – the inland treasure of the Northern Territory, Uluru – the worlds largest monolith, and a plethora of other attractions which make you gaze in wonder. You cannot find any better way to visit these timeless, rugged places than with your very own 4wd camper hire from Darwin.

The Northern Territory is sparsely populated and is primarily outback bushland and national parks. Darwin has a population of about 130,000 defining it as the biggest city in the Northern Territory, however is only 16th biggest in Australia. It is an important gateway to South East Asia and possesses quite a military significance to Australia. As a result, you will normally find Navy ships in the harbour. It is the northernmost point of the popular Ghan railway that crosses the country in a North/South course with the alternative end being Adelaide some 2979km away.

Like all leading cities in Australia it has a bountiful supply of shops, eateries, cafes, petrol, places to stay and everything a tourist will need to have a wonderful time.

When to Go.

Darwin is in a tropical location so is hot and humid throughout the year. It is more defined by a wet and dry season. The ideal time to go is the dry season, but in particular the times when there are no school holidays is the best of the best.

Dry Season: Late April to September/October. This the perfect time of the year to go. In this time there is less rain and the night times become a little cooler. “A little cooler” in Darwin means an average of around 20 deg C (68F) as apposed to 24 deg C (75F). The days stay about the same average all year at 32 deg C (90F) but they seem far more tolerable during the dry season with about 50% the humidity of the wet season.

School holidays: These are the times which will raise crowds in Darwin and other attractions in the Northern Territory during the dry season. Dates differ from state to state, but taking in to account the beginning dates of the first state(s) to go on break and the end of the last state(s) to go back, these are the dates of school holidays. (Subject to minor change each year).

29th March – 26th April 1st July – 21st July 23rd September – 13th October

Wet Season: October/November to around April. The wet starts with particularly steamy, hot weather accompanied by some remarkable lightning storms. The rain increases as you approach the end of the year. The wettest part of the year is from January to March. During this time numerous unsealed roads will close to all but local residents and it is not advised to go at this time except if you like being wet. Even 4wd campers are likely to get bogged at this time of year. This is also the part of the season that is most prone to cyclones.

What to See.

Darwin is the gateway to outback Australia. With a 4wd campervan rented from Darwin you may get to all the places you want to go and even to some you don’t know you want to get to yet. From Darwin it is just a road-trip to the likes of Litchfield National Park, Katherine, Uluru & Kings Canyon, Alice Springs and The Kimberly in Western Australia. And don’t forget Darwin itself for some enjoyment and relaxation. As little as three hours drive from Darwin, Kakadu National Park possesses a rare dual World Heritage listing for both its natural splendor and its historic Aboriginal culture, dating back 50,000 years. It is one of the most popular sights in the north, with Uluru being the most favored in the south.


There are no trains or trams around Darwin, it is just buses. There are several sight-seeing opportunities around Darwin that are not in the middle to town and you can save yourself a great deal of waiting at a hot bus stop if you splash out on a camper. And once you are ready to see the places that are further afield, make sure you get yourself a 4wd camper hire to do the long miles with. There is minimal useful public transport options outside of Darwin. The only train operates from Darwin to Adelaide 2 times a week (The Ghan).

Darwin and the Northern Territory are where so many of the most famous photographs of Australia are taken, not to mention movies like Crocodile Dundee and Kangaroo Jack. It is a destination where time simply stopped tens on thousands of years ago and now gives the contemporary sightseer a glimpse in to the past when only the Aboriginals inhabited the land along with the native animals. No other place in Australia or the globe can offer wonderment, tranquility, exhilaration and adventure like that which is on offer in the “Never Never”.

Before you plan your next vacation anywhere, discover more about the amazing journey you can experience with a campervan hire Darwin Australia. Discover which type of Darwin campervan hire will suit you and where to take it.

Holidays on the Gold Coast

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Campervan Hire in the Gold Coastby Peter Dazzar

With an ever-growing recognition with folks from all types of life, the Gold Coast and Surfers Nirvana are among the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world.

With walking distance to Pacific Coast, and not particularly far away from South Sea states, and islands, Queensland affords holiday makers cheap vacations with their families at a very fair cost. And, with everything within easy reach, the Gold Coast is the most ideal location for your holidays.

The Gold Coast is a major vacation destination and in the off season periods there’s enormous oversupply of product. Do the research as there are many holidays and activities spaced out across the year to reduce the impact of the top and off peak demand for the local companies.

As an example avoid the Queensland and New South Wales school vacations, Schoolies and Gold Coast 600 (Indy). There are a few sites that will aid in your search, make sure you try 1 or 2 as the expenses that they charge may vary.

Known earlier as Coolangatta Airfield, Gold Coast Airport lies in the southern end of the bigger area. The airfield has expanded its operation from domestic flights to an International Terminal. In 2007 the terminal has redeveloped which an extension of the runway after Virgin Blue and Jetstar (Qantas Airlines reduced cost carrier) started their operation here.


Auto Rent

The most generally known car rental companies are found opposite the check-in counters at Gold Coast Airport. You may either book with your favorite company before hand or select at the Terminal for the best deal.

Possibly the most fantastic trip for the Gold Coast occurs when you plan ahead and get each thing you will need within your trip like Gold Coast car hire. While it may be a little expensive, you are going to be able to get a comparatively good cost in the event you look for points like discount codes and rental coupons. Discount codes are likely a single in the best deals you are going to be able to discover.

Just about everyone loves The Coast and property speculators are little different. My opinion is that many investment decisions are made wearing “rose coloured vacation glasses”. Next thing these investors know is they are looking for good property management for their new Gold Coast property!

Peter Dazzar’s works are published around the world. Read more: campervan hire brisbane or campervan hire australia.

Melbourne Is Better By Campervan

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by James Fletcher

Melbourne is among the most diverse and sophisticated cities in Australia, with a global appeal hard to match. There is a surplus of campervan hire options in this city implying that you will definitely find a deal to suit you.

Campervan hire in Melbourne visitors will find the caravan parks close to the town will bring them the best of both worlds. You save on pricey accommodation and extra travel time each day. You may visit the town centre or enjoy the surrounding attractions if you select. As there are a surplus of parks to choose between, we have selected just a few that stand out for reasons of vicinity, service and excellence. Wherever you choose to stay, you will find that combining your campervan hire vacation with a caravan park in the town is pleasurable and cheap.

Apollo Gardens Caravan Park is a perfect destination when you’re looking for a quiet base sufficiently close to visit the town. With local kangaroos and wildlife at your front door, you won’t desire to leave. There’s a beautiful waterfall jacuzzi and pool with gorgeous barbeque area. This is truly the country in the city and everything you would expect from a top caravan park.

The Melbourne BIG4 Vacation Park is only 9 kilometres north from the city, and a perfect base for those looking out for a central location with the benefits of masses of room onsite. You have all the additional comforts of a solar heated jacuzzi and pool, heated comforts, free BBQs, games rooms, camp kitchen, playground and kids activities. There are local walking tracks, restaurants close by and masses of city attractions all very close. This is our pick for a town getaway without nonessential travelling. Just set up and enjoy everything Melbourne has to give.

Campervan Hire MelbourneAshley Gardens Vacation Park is another central park also just 9 kilometres from the city, with gardens spread out to give a country atmosphere so that you can have the very best of both worlds. This is an ideal location close to the airport, main freeways, Melbourne Zoo, GoKart Centre and lots of shopping centres. There are many close by attractions for everyone, unless you opt to relax by the pool, playground, tennis court and indoor spa and sauna. There is also wonderful public transit right at the front door for those fast trips into Melbourne town.

The Dandenong Visitor Park is ideal for the visitor needing to base themselves within close range of Melbourne’s surrounding country as well as close enough to the town. There are a good deal of day trips in all directions from this attractive park, that has sprawling green gardens with shady sites excellent for your campervan. There is a train leaving for the city constantly as well as a bus service at the front door for your trips into the city. The Dandenong area is so beautiful that you would not need to go far to feel a bit like you are having a relaxing, diverse vacation.

Selected for its picturesque location and great facilities, the Werribee South Caravan Park has some of the finest attractions right on its stoop such as the Werribee Open Range Zoo, Point Cook Coastal Park and Port Philip Bay. Sites are big and shady and it’s an ideal location to set up a chair with a best-seller or go for a mooch. The city is still a simple 35 kilometres away, so you have the beach and the bay mixed with a town stay. Perfect!

James Fletcher’s works are in books, articles and websites all around the world. Read more: campervan rental melbourne or campervan hire qld

Things To Do Around Perth, Western Australia

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by Tim Ahern

Perth, in Western Australia, is said to be the worlds most remote capital city. It’s nearest capital city neighbor, is Adelaide around 2500km away. With a bustling population of around 1.8 million inhabitants, Perth has something to offer nearly everyone, however it is when you head a few hours out of Perth, in pretty much any direction, that the fun really starts. Keeping that in mind, it is highly recommended to rent a vehicle whilst you are there. To have true freedom of movement though, it is recommended that you hire a campervan or motorhome so you can set your own agenda and operate to a timetable that is governed entirely by you.

To the south of Perth is the famous Margaret River wine region. Known for it’s delightful wines you can also indulge in beautiful food and amazing surf. There is even one beach there where stingrays come to the shore daily to feed on the left overs that fisherman throw away when they clean their fish. Standing knee deep and realtively still, you can have the stingrays glide past you like a cat as their flaps brush up against your legs. I’ve done it and I am still alive to tell the tale so don’t worry. There’s a sheep farm in Margaret River that has camping facilities with all the amenities you could want including a nice social communal kitchen and open fire which everyone gathers around at night. This place, along with all the good camping site around Australia can be found in Camps Australia book which is highly recommended (at time of writing Camps is up to version 7).

Sandboarding PerthTo the north of Perth is the famous sandstone phenomenon called The Pinnacles. Only a couple of hours along the northbound coast road, the Pinnacles are situated just near a town called Cervantes. However, ON THE WAY, make sure to stop in to a little place called Lancelin. Lancelin is the home of sand dune surfing and is a great little place to burn some energy and have some fun. There are couple of little places in town that rent out sand boards cheaply, but do yourself a favor and get a half day – sand boarding can be tiring. If you’ve got a 4WD campervan then you can have a heap of fun driving right up to the best sand dunes, if you’ve got a 2WD then best park on road next to the dunes and walk in. This whole area is a great place to let loose if you have a 4WD as the sand is fairly well packed but loose enough to really get to know what your 4×4 can do. I saw one guy fly through there at about 80km going absolutely nuts up every dune he could find. He didn’t stay long but he sure did have fun while he was there. The boards are very similar to snow boards and a pretty easy to work out. I even took the dog on mine. Anyway, afterwards you can walk to the beach, rinse off, and continue on to Cervantes for the Pinncales and a good nights sleep in your campervan. It’s a great little overnight trip. I found some other people that had done this trip, You can find their experience here.

There are lots of things to do in Perth itself and Tourism Western Australia has revetnly put out a new pomo video showing some of the things you can get up to there. You can find that video attached to this article. There is a also a cool listing of things to do on Trip Advisor that you can find here.

Perth and Western Australia are a beautiful and amazing part of Australia. It truly is massive and divergent in every manner so the ultimate way to see it is with a rented campervan or motorhome which allows you to determine your own schedule, stay where you wish, get up when you want and get going when you wish.

Tim Ahern has over 5 years of world travel under his belt with over a year spent in a 4 wheel drive campervan around Australia. It is no wonder that campervan hire in Australia is his recommended method of transportation for check outors. If you are looking for campervan hire in Perth you should check out his campervan review site to find out who the best hire companies are.

Why Sydney Is The Best Place In Australia To Hire A Campervan

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by Tim Ahern

If you’re considering campervan hire in Australia, then the most obvious place to pick it up or drop it off has to be Sydney. There are numerous reasons why you want to rent your camper and Sydney and I’m here just to let you know the most basic of these reasons.

Firstly, Sydney is Australia’s biggest city. With around 5 million people in greater Sydney there is plentiful supply of all things, and campervan hire companies are one of them. Sydney is also centrally located on the east coast. From here is it approximately 1000km to Melbourne and Brisbane, approximately 1400km to Adelaide and only 290km to Canberra – the nation’s capital. No other city in Australia has this kind of central proximity to so many other cities of interest.

Sydney is also the major arrival port for Australia. More passengers come through Sydney airport than any other in the country, so it is likely that you are going to arrive or leave through this city anyway. From Sydney you can also catch any form of public transport to any other part of the country.

With the plethora of transport choices that such a large city offers, why would you want to hire a campervan when there are so many other options? Well, the answer lies in the public transport options outside of Sydney and the ease and control that a campervan can give you. Once you get out of the major cities public transport options become fairly limited by world standards. This is brought on by the massive size of the country, the small population for that size and wealth of the nation that allows most people to own their own car, hence not needing public transport. Once you get out of the major cities, and in particular if you want to get off the national highway, then getting public transport becomes quite painful.

Palm Beach, SydneyThere are also an number of things to do in Sydney that are on the outskirts of the city. To the north is Palm Beach, the central coast and the Hunter Valley. To the west the Blue Mountains and to the south, Cronulla and the Royal National Park. All of these can be reached significantly easier in your own vehicle that you can then spend the night in whilst you are there. Getting to and from all these areas will take hours on public transport in both diretions.

Not everyone wants to sleep the night in a vehicle, but having the ability to drive to any location will massively expand the sites you can visit whilst in Australia. Sydney, with more campervan hire company depots than any other city, is certainly the place you want to look in to picking up a vehicle from. And keep this in mind whilst you are doing your campervan research – there are over 30 companies with depots in Sydney. Many campervan hire webistes will only show you results for the top 5 companies. Some will show you results for around 10 companies. Make sure when you research your campervan that the website you are researching on shows at least 20 different companies that can supply you with a camper for the dates you need. Otherwise you are likely to be paying more than you need to.

Tim Ahern has been researching and reviewing campervan hire in Australia ever since he spent a year in a four wheel drive camper traversing that country. He now spends his time divulging his experience with everyone who desires to know about campervan hire in Australia. His favorite topic is Campervan hire from Sydney

Campervan Hire In Australia Vs Buying A Car

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Campervan Rental Australia

by Tim Ahern

So you’re not sure if you want to rent a campervan whilst you travel in Australia or maybe buy a car. Well here is some more information to help make the decision.

The longer you hire a campervan, the cheaper the daily rate gets in most cases so there is a distinct advantage to long term hire. Every rental company will also give you roadside assistance coverage to help with breakdowns if they occur. There are no issues about picking up a campervan in one city and dropping it off in another one and in most cases if you are not happy with the campervan you have, then you can exchange it.

Be aware though, when renting there can be hidden costs so make sure you read all the contract details carefully. Also keep in mind that all camper hire companies will charge a security deposit, some take this off your credit card at the time of charging it and hold on to it for the length of the rental, this money, therefore, will not be available for you to spend whilst you are traveling in the campervan.

Purchasing a car, on the other hand, can pose just as many problems as hiring. Firstly your money is tied up in the vehicle. Secondly, if you buy a lemon you can end up with nothing – wasting the money you used to buy it. Additionally, most states in Australia require roadworthy certificates to be done upon annual registration and some when the vehicle changes hand. If the registration runs out whilst you are driving it you will be up the registration costs of around $600 as well as any repair work to get the roadworthy certificate. If you buy from other backpackers you can almost guarantee they have not spent a cent more than absolutely necessary on maintaining vehicle, and like a hot potato, it just gets passed around from traveller to traveller. Eventually the long kilometers and lack of maintenance will cause a breakdown and if this occurs 300km from anywhere you will find yourself in a lot of bother. You will want to plan in advance on whether to spend money on roadside assistance for the car or just get it towed when it dies – towing is expensive.

It is also quite obvious that the closer you get to your leaving date, the less money anyone will give you for the car – another chance that you will get nothing back for it if you can’t sell before leaving.

Look, at the end of the day, campervan hire in Australia can be tailored to fit nearly any budget. In addition to this, it can offer piece-of-mind knowing the price of the journey is already known before you leave the depot and that you will have roadside assistance for the whole journey.

Want to find out more about campervan hire in Australia, then visit Tim Ahern’s site on how to choose the best camper hire for your needs.

Alternatives To Hiring A Campervan From Britz

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by Tim Ahern

If you’re looking to hire a campervan or motorhome in Australia, then you can guarantee in your search you will come across the company Britz. However, before your commit to hiring anything from them, great as they are, you should at least consider some of the 60 alternative companies. Below you can find out about some other well known, and not so well known alternatives.

Clearly the biggest player in the Australian motorhome hire market is the company Britz. Through their own brand of vehicles as well as the extended family brands of Kea Campers, Maui and Mighty Campers, they have more vehicles than anyone else. The biggest competitor to this would have to be the Apollo brand of campers. The Apollo family consists of Apollo, Cheapa Campa and Hippy Campers. Each one is positioned to go up against Britz in each market segment of superior, mid-range and budget respectively. In any research in to campervan hire in Australia, the Apollo range should be looked at as a key alternative.

If you are researching the budget camper market you will inevitably find the aforementioned Hippy and Mighty campers, however, you are also likely to come across Wicked Campers too. Wicked are a leading force in the budget campervan hire market world wide and Australia is no exception. They have a reputation of being unreliable, breaking down a lot and not really helping out in these situations. However at the same time they have grown to a mammoth company with depots world wide and a massive Facebook following, so enough travellers must be happy with them to warrant this kind of expansion and love. If you are a bit worried about this reputation, then try looking at Travellers Autobarn and Awesome Campers as alternatives. Travellers Autobarn has been around since 1993 and over the last few years has been winning a plethora of awards for their service (as voted by users). Awesome has been expanding rapidly over the last couple of years suggesting that they are doing a lot of things right by their customers.

But Britz itself really is aimed at the middle to upper price range of campervans. So what are some alternatives in this range? Well, staying clear of the aforementioned camper companies that are owned by Britz and Apollo, one mentionable alternative is Around Australia Motorhomes.This company is going for the luxury motorhome market and definitely making their mark. No skimping with this crowd, their fleet consists mainly of top-end Winnebagos for the clientele that want space and luxury on their travel. If this is you, then definitely get a price from them before booking anywhere else. Independently owned, they pride themselves on client satisfaction and are a small enough company to care what the end user thinks.

There is also a mid priced company worth mentioning called Energi Motorhomes. It is not heavily promoted but users appear to be happy with them. They don’t have a huge marketing budget it seems, so they don’t pop up early in search results but they if you can find a price comparison site that represents them, then take note. The vehicles they supply are quite modern and the prices seem quite good – but no so cheap they are unbelievable, which is a good thing. Anyway, if you do a search on a website and they don’t turn up in the results, keep looking until you find a site that represents these guys and give them some serious thought before booking.

Additionally, in the mid range price market, keep an eye out for Camperman Campervans. Recently they have been becoming a major player in a market that is full of also-rans. They have been one of the fastest growing companies in the mid to upper price range offering new vehicles that fit nicely in to the market. Whilst they are definitely pushing their new vehicles, they are still holding on the older vehicles that they had when they were smaller. With these older vechiles they can still tap in to the cheaper end of mid range market too. They have bases up the whole length of the east coast of Australia and so they offer quite an alternative to Britz and the other major players that are in this market segment.

So, if you are looking for a cheap campervan, and mid range motorhome or a luxury RV, there are definitely alternatives available to the dominant Britz range. I have only covered a handful here. If hiring from Sydney, the largest Australian city, there are over 30 companies that have depots available to you. Make sure when researching for which company to hire from, you look for a website that gives at least 20 different companies in the results for your search criteria.

If you are still keen to research Britz Campervans Australia then there is plenty of info about them. And if you are looking for a site with great quote comparisons then take a look here.